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            October 16, 2019

            CommScope Patents Upheld by German Federal Patent Court

            The German Federal Patent Court has issued decisions upholding the validity of important CommScope patents that had been challenged by a competitor, COMLAB. more

            October 15, 2019

            Tessco and CommScope Collaborate to Deliver Public Safety Wireless Solutions

            TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (NASDAQ:TESS), a leading value-added distributor and solutions provider for the wireless industry, today announced it has secured the entire first year production capacity for CommScope’s new public safety product. CommScope’s Bi-Directional Amplifier addresses a key need for reliable, cost-effective public safety wireless systems. more

            October 14, 2019

            CommScope Sues Rosenberger to Protect Trade Secrets

            CommScope has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey against Rosenberger, several of Rosenberger’s legal entities and two former CommScope employees now employed by Rosenberger. more

            October 11, 2019

            CommScope to Acquire Base Station Antenna Technology from Fractus

            CommScope, a global leader in wireless and wired technologies, has agreed to a technology transfer agreement as a result of a settlement with Fractus S.A., a Spanish company that developed key antenna technology for use in wireless base station antennas. more

            October 8, 2019

            Foxtel Selects CommScope to Help Redefine TV Viewing in Australia

            CommScope today announced its continued partnership with Foxtel, Australia’s leading Pay TV operator, to bring The New Foxtel Experience to subscribers across the country. more

            October 3, 2019

            CommScope Roadshow Dives Deep into the Forces Transforming the Data Center Industry

            CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, will host a six-city tour to educate data center professionals on how 5G, next-generation speeds, new physical layer topologies and other trends are transforming the data center industry. The Data Center FiberCon roadshow – which will center on the theme “The Power of Progress” – will feature content by data center infrastructure, planning and architecture experts from CommScope and other more

            September 24, 2019

            CommScope Brings Unprecedented Choice and Control to Broadband Network Creators; Reveals Dramatic Gains in Scale and Lower Latency

            Continuing its leadership in next-generation network technologies, CommScope today announced three new breakthroughs that dramatically improve network scale, speed and latency. The advances – in architecture design, interface speed, and edge performance – create unprecedented choice and control for broadband network operators. All will become elements of the company’s Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and 10G portfolios. CommScope will discuss and demonstrate the new technologies at the SCTE?ISBE Cable-Tec Expo beginning more

            September 16, 2019

            FCC Approves CommScope CBRS Spectrum Access System for Initial Commercial Deployment

            CommScope received official notification from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that its spectrum access system (SAS) to support the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is now certified for initial commercial deployment. With the notification earlier this year from the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences that its Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) sensor passed testing, and the addition of Ruckus Networks’ Band 48 CBRS devices (or access points) and cloud services, CommScope is more

            September 16, 2019


            Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope via acquisition) today announced that the R750 802.11ax indoor Wi-Fi? access point (AP) for ultra-dense client environments is Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6? from the Wi-Fi Alliance. This certification further validates the applicability of the R750 in ultra-dense client environments such as stadiums, hotels, convention centers and schools. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 increases client device speeds by nearly four times that of Wi-Fi 5, optimizes network capacity, more

            September 15, 2019

            CommScope Announces Wi-Fi 6? Smart Media Device and IP Client Platforms

            CommScope today announced two next-generation additions to its RDK Video Accelerator portfolio: a Smart Media Device (SMD) platform 7852 featuring Wi-Fi 6? connectivity, as well as an IP Client VIP7802 with Wi-Fi 6?. Both devices include AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) and high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities. more