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          1. SYSTIMAX sets the standard

            Built on the science of innovation, our flagship line of copper and fiber structured cabling solutions has been meeting and beating industry standards—oftentimes before they’re even written.

            From design and deployment to management and moves, adds and changes; SYSTIMAX delivers the performance, flexibility and reliability that no other solutions can match.

            In addition, we also offer our SYSTIMAX Application Assurance—which includes design capabilities and performance guarantees to support your migration to higher-speed applications.

            Discover SYSTIMAX and prepare to remain ahead of industry standards now—and well into the future.


            Featured Content

            SYSTIMAX Brochure

            Brochure: SYSTIMAX
            SYSTIMAX is a comprehensive platform of advanced copper and fiber connectivity, with automated infrastructure management and high-efficiency interfaces.

            imVision Brochure

            Brochure: imVision? Automated Infrastructure Management
            imVision Automated Infrastructure Management: real-time visibility into the critical connectivity that drives your business.

            High Speed Migration Brochure

            Brochure: High Speed Migration
            CommScope's high speed migration platform gives your network the flexibility and scalibility to keep up with your business needs.

            InstaPATCH Cu Brochure

            Brochure: InstaPATCH? Cu Connectivity System Brochure
            InstaPATCH Cu preterminated copper solutions are factory-connectorized, factory-tested, modular connectivity systems.

            Case Study

            Case Study: CommScope's new Madrid Office
            CommScope's new office in Madrid is a showcase of smart building technology; from energy efficient LED lighing, to automated infrastructure management and digital DAS solutions, all using remote powering over SYSTIMAX structured cabling.

            Fiber Backbone Cabling White Paper

            White Paper: Fiber Backbone Cabling in Buildings
            As demand for applications increases, building backbones designed to support these applications will shift from 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps—and eventually to 100 Gbps.

            Connected and Efficient Buildings eBook

            eBook: Connected and Efficient Buildings
            This eBook offers a meaningful look into the applications, design and technologies that are a part of today’s modern building.

            Connected and Efficient Data Center eBook Cover

            eBook: Connected and Efficient Data Center
            Change in the data center is accelerating, growing and threatening to overtake you. Shifting architecture, increasing lane speeds, impossible demands for latency. Staying ahead means keeping informed.


            Installation Guide: SYSTIMAX? cabling design and installation guidelines for the ION?-E solution
            Cabling guidelines for the ION-E in-building wireless solution using SYSTIMAX cabling.

            SYSTIMAX Application Assurance Design Guide

            Design Guide: SYSTIMAX Application Assurance Design Guide
            CommScope offers a suite of tools that simplify the design, deployment and ongoing expansion to support the high speed migration of fiber connectivity within data centers.

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